Entry 036: Collection update

I feel that I've made a huge amount of progress in the past couple of weeks with my collection, getting some things totally finished and other items have moved much further along in the process of being finished. I definitely feel that resolving and finalising my proposal has really helped me with the progression of my collection. Within my collection currently I now have 1 pair of shoes finished, 1 pair of socks, 2 minimally embellished mesh dresses, a belt/headscarf, and 1 of my jackets totally finished. 

I still have my 3d embroidery black denim jacket, my hyper embellished black and blue jacket to finish and a third mesh dress with lots of embellishment. 

I would still also like to get some other accessory pieces finished including a second and potentially third pair of shoes, a second belt/headscarf, and an arm cuff. 

My biggest worry at the moment in terms of my collection, is creating jewellery pieces as I really want to make sure I have enough time to produce at least 1 pair of incredible earrings and 1 necklace with 3d embroidery. 

I also really want to discuss with Debbie what to do with my sketchbook and portfolio. I am really not happy with my sketchbook currently so i want to try and think of a better way to present this. I had also originally planned to have a collection of textile samples that I was going to put onto portfolio boards, but I now think that pretty much all of my work will be incorporated into garments or be displayed in my final exhibition as a development pin board. My plan will be to continue to create textile samples in future to add to my portfolio but I would rather focus on garment and jewellery pieces along with a look book for the uni deadline. 

I am planning my photo-shoot for the end of this week so I feel on schedule to get my look book completed for the deadline. I would also like to get my completed project proposal printed and bound. 

Other things that I feel still need more work:

  • More market research still!
  • Technical recording!!
  • sort out sketchbook for hand in
  • Moodboards or other portfolio boards. 

News/ other updates: 

  • Winner of the Young Creative Awards fashion and textiles category - uni marketing coming to take images in studio in thursday. 
  • Selected for New Designers! - final selection of work on 13th - try to complete as much as possible before then/ focus on blue and black jacket and highly embellished mesh dress. 
  • Dr martens collab- 1st pair of shoes totally finished and other trials in progress. 
  • Texselect interview done! find out from wednesday 27th.

Images below of new/recent updates: