Entry 036: Final Entry on Proposal

  • Main updates since last proposal entry- 
  • new title: The Adorned Humanity An investigation into the human ritual of adornment, maximalist decoration and hyper- embellishment.Explorations into the emotional connection we share to adornment and how it is used as an outlet for personal expression, identity and empowerment. Collisions of femininity and masculinity; minimalism and maximalism; and fluidity against control, will be explored through a juxtaposing light and dark, floral aesthetic, creating a cohesive, balanced collection.
  • Shift to explore a wider variety of cultures- not just Geisha.
  • Shift to focus more on maximalism
  • heightened focus on emotion/ empowerment and adornment


P R O J E C T   P R O P O S A L

Humans have adorned themselves across the world for centuries; from ancient Chinese dynasties and Japanese Geisha, to Native American bead work and embroidery. The practice of adornment is an established, age-old human ritual, not only to convey wealth or social status; but as a form of self-expression, identification, and empowerment.

Adornment has a synonymous link throughout history with women and craft and often creates tangible connections between the generations, as traditional handmade skills and treasured possessions are passed down from mother to daughter

In today’s contemporary world, fashion and style is of increasing significance and we continue to question the practice of ‘fast fashion’. Items of adornment that project a strong personal identity, hold more than just monetary value, and act as talismans of empowerment; are more important than ever.

The exploration of sentimental longevity and the personal connection we share with adornment, has been at the core of this highly personal project. I have taken inspiration from my own experiences, along with a celebration of my love for embroidery to create the final collection.