Entry 035: April feedback 

Debbie/Sean's Feedback:

Areas of Strength:

·       Presentation was confident and articulate. Beautifully presented, really good use of visuals and quotes to contextualise your project.

  • I'm really pleased that this was picked up on as I feel that my photography skills in particular are one of my strongest skills and one of the strongest aspects to my project. Im really glad that I decided to revisit this photography series within my MA and build on it. For the final presentation I would like to build on my presentation skills and do something a little bit different/exciting.

·      Project Proposal is a very comprehensive body of work, beautiful designed with relevant images, quotes that underpin the breadth of your research and your intentions. Key words - Tradition, Maximalist, Feminity, Styled, Considered - substantiate you project. Clear aims and objectives identified and strategic planning.

  • Again, I'm really pleased that this was picked up on as I spent a huge amount of time on my proposal and it actually became a hugely important and influential part of my project which has really influenced my development and progression and where I see the project going. The level of research that went into the proposal really underpinned my direction for my work. 

·      Reflective Blog - you are using this format really well to communicate and critically analyse your progression. Good recording of notes and reflections from tutorials, contextualising throughout with images to document new ideas and developments.

  • I feel that I can still continue to build and improve on my reflective blog. I feel that its a really useful tool for me but I feel that more regular posts with more detail in places could improve this further. 

·      Contextual and market research are informing your design decisions, showcasing embellished garments as well as jewellery pieces, clearly identifying your market level.

  • I feel very happy that my contextual research within my file is really covering everything that I have looked at and everything that has influenced me along the way. Although I feel happy that I have identified my market level I feel that this still needs a lot of expansion and a lot more examples.

     Sample collection is exciting - created heavily embellished samples, utilising both hand and digital techniques - multi-head embroidery, hand embroidery, beading, and 3D manipulations.  Wonderful exploration of colour, tactility, volume and drama. Technical level and skill is excellent. Garment ideas are starting to evolve, good consideration of placement and pushing the maximalist approach. 

Areas to improve:

·       Application - garments need to be considered much more, be careful that you do not chose the wrong shape and colour. Consider the placement on the body more - Work with and away from the body, SCALE - go much bigger, think volume - be flamboyant! Push the maximalist aspect with your hyper embellishments.

  • I would agree with this- working with garments has been completely new to me so this is definitely something that I am still learning more about everyday as I go along. It has been quite stressful trying to find the right garments to work on, and I have gone backwards and forwards quite a lot on whether or not to try and design and make my own garments or work with someone to try and make some garments for me. However, I think that due to the time that this would take it would not be practical and after many conversations with Debbie, Sean and Jo cope, I realise that this would not be a good use of my time and as an embroidery and embellishment designer, this is what I should be focusing on. My biggest concern in collecting store bought garments was that they wouldn't be unique- I was also concerned with the quality of garment that I would be able to afford. 
  • I decided that the best way to approach this would be to stick to fairly simple but classic garments that I can transform with my maximalist hyper embellishment. Hopefully the simplicity of the garments will not take away from my work which is the most important part. I have also chosen to work on all black to give a level of continuity to the collection. I have sourced the best quality that I could afford and also decided to reduce my plan of doing 5 garments down to 3 with a plan to produce 3 jackets; 1 black denim jacket, 1 velvet bomber jacket and 1 tailored blazer/jacket. 

·       Review the number of garments that you aim to produce 4-5 may be too much, perhaps better to do three really heavily embellished pieces. Aim for diversity within your outcomes - really want to see embroidery on shoes (Dr Martins) and jewellery pieces.

  • As Above- In heinsight my plan to produce 5 garments along with jewellery/accessory pieces was too ambitious and this has now been reduced to 3. I feel this will allow for more time to focus on quality and also to have a range of products. 

·       Market research still need more, do a customer profile, expand as you have mentioned two different market levels and customer

  • Again, as previously mentioned above - I am very aware that this is a part of my project that still requires much more work. I think doing a customer profile would be really beneficial. 

·      You need to improve on your confidence and communication of your work in peer debate and discussions, I don't think you realise how talented you are- don't let this hold you back.

·       Time management - be careful to plan and that you are not trying to achieve too much - quality/ impact are key. Allow time to do a photoshoot and create a look book.

  • I feel that by deciding the reduce the amount of garments I want to produce will really help this. I also initially stated that I wanted to produce 8-10 jewellery/accessory pieces which was also perhaps too much. I think focusing on quality and maximalism is so important within this project so I would much rather produce less pieces but at a much higher standard. I believe my collection will be small and focused on creating one full outfit, and 2 additional jackets- including:
  1. Jacket 1 - A heavily embroidered/embellished denim jacket
  2. Jacket 2 - A heavily embellished structured jacket/ blazer 
  3. The full Outfit - starting firstly with jacket 3 - the embroidered velvet bomber jacket
  4. An embellished headscarf 
  5. A necklace
  6. Earrings
  7.  Mesh underlay dress to go under jacket with some embellishment 
  8. An embellished tie-belt 
  9. Embellished socks
  10. Embellished Shoes (1 pair of Dm's) 

If there is time I would like to try and produce a second pair of embellished shoes and possibly a second necklace- but I would like to focus firstly on producing the full outfit that I photograph for a cookbook interchanging the jackets.

·       Ethical approach?  - not really touched on this much - you have some lovely quotes in your proposal regarding the emotional connection with jewellery - expand on this further - research into a wide range of designers exploring this within their work. How would this impact on your approach / materials etc.

  • Need to discuss this with Debbie and start doing some research on this.

      Technical file - do you have one? How are you recording your processes and new developments and reflections?

  • I do not have a technical file as of yet as all my technical beading samples are currently still pinned into my board in my studio space at uni.  I feel that at the moment whilst I am still in the creative process where I am constantly looking back at my samples to inspire final pieces I want to have them in my space where I can can access them and see them easily. My plan will be to put together a technical file later on when I feel that I am finished with these. One thing I could start doing would be to print off all my production worksheets for the digital embroidery designs I have worked on and started collating these into a file.