Entry 034: April Presentation

Initial feedback given straight after the recent April Presentation:

  • Some really positive feedback on the look of my presentation in terms of the graphics/slides and photography and communicated well. 
  • Positive feedback on the planning and organisation of my presentation although I think they could tell I was a little nervous. 
  • Really great response from everyone on my samples as they were passed around the room. 
  • A couple of things to improve on: 
  • I think both Sean and Debbie felt that my plan to do 5 garments may be a little over ambitious but also probably unnecessary. They both suggested that it would have been good to see some clear and strong visualisations of my planned products so this was easier to see and understand. 
  • Also feel that I need a more clear and realistic critical path to stick to, to ensure that I can produce as much as possible at a really high standard for the end of the year. 

More Updates to come when I have received my official feedback.