Entry 033: New Designers initial visualisation

Idea from pitch group - made after discussing with Debbie potential ideas for display/ exhibition options. The current plan will be to have a large size A2 or larger pin board with lots of final swatches and some development samples pinned in- this idea has been developed from the pin board currently in my studio space that I have been using to show my samples. I will also plan to have 1 mannequin with one of my final garments and some kind of table for jewellery/ accessory pieces. My and Debbie also talked about the idea of -rather than a table- having a set of drawers, with some pulled out to have thread cascading out or have some drawers filled with embroidered shapes- almost to replicate the drawers of a couture embroidery atelier. 

Moving forward I think I need to start planing and considering the mastered exhibition at NTU as this will be a larger exhibition space where I'll be able to show more of my work; I also need to begin searching and sourcing potential props.

Plan Below: