Entry 032: New Embroidery files

I began to develop some of the new line drawings I'd created into detailed digital embroidery files and started to develop some into large design compositions. The images below show some of the variety of designs I now have ready to stitch out. I've tried to use a variety of stitch types as well and I plan to continue playing with this. Moving forward I'd really like to design some huge pieces that I could get stitched out on the pantograph size frames at uni. 

Jo cope Group tutorial: 

a few notes also from the Jo Cope group tutorial- things to work on/ develop, advice and general notes:

  • got to find your unique selling point - what is your innovation and how is this an interesting and exciting ma project?
  • got to be able to talk about project confidently 
  • look up stats for florals within embroidery and embellishment - my work needs to be a universal yet futuristic floral language
  •  Suggestion that the progression of the digital age is forcing us to go back to traditional techniques.
  • Real success is in the blue and black piece hyper embellished piece - really work on developing this and doing it on a large scale.
  • Flat digital embroidery - into 3d - subverting the flat digital and linking back to my overall concept
  • develop new fashion illustrations and use photographs of my sample to cut and paste and build up quick visualisations of all over embellishment and embroidery
  • Needs to have as much impact as possible - super 3d scale
  • Consider placement - perhaps seams that showcase and frame the embroidery
  • Consider proportional use of colour