Entry 029: Fashion Illustrations and Sample Developments 

Continuing on from my last post, I have begun developing some of my small samples and trials into larger portfolio swatches and even accessory or garment embellishment ideas. This has been so exciting beginning to see ideas come together and I've been so happy with the success of these pieces and the huge step forward this has given me in my project. I think the piece that has been particularly successful is the hyper 3D black and blue piece. The technique was developed from one of my previous small samples and I love the height and movement it gives. I also really worked hard to control my colour palette and just use black and blue shades, which I think has given this piece the real sophistication and elegance that I've been striving for. At this point, I've left this as a loose embellished patch as I plan to take some images of it on the mannequin in different placement. 

Other techniques that have been developed include, some digital machine embroidery, beading and embellishment techniques developing on from my small samples, hand cutting fabric and sequin film shapes, hand painting leather petals, and more recently- a really beautiful and delicate technique couching down hand embroidery threads onto the surface of fabric to create really naturally flowing, fluid movement, exploring cascades and gravity.

 Elements to continue developing and improving: 

  • Although I don't think you can ever have too many ideas, I feel really happy with all my beading and embellishment techniques that I've developed so far and I feel confident with this. So now I feel that I need to focus more on the digital embroidery and fabric components to my work. 
  • As in the last post, I really feel that I need to revisit my drawing and photographs as I think this will help to inspire the digital embroidery . I feel that some really lovely drawings and paintings would be great to scan in and do some detailed multi head work. I also think it could be interesting to explore the really delicate line work simply using running stitch in digital. My photographs will help to inspire shape and I think some new collage work incorporating both photograph and painted elements will help to inspire composition. 

At the bottom of this post I've also posted some images of some fashion illustrations that I've been developing. This has really helped to start visualising how I could begin to use my ideas on the body. I plan to continue developing these. 

Finally for todays post, here are some notes from my most recent tutorial with Debbie: 

  • MARKET RESEARCH - keep going with this, keep adding to it all the time. 
  • Keep adding to proposal adding in new notes/quotes found from reading. Plan to schedule a tutorial solely on this. 
  • Within practical work, feedback for my current samples was brilliant, Debbie really loved everything and encouraged me to carry on but also suggested I keep exploring multi-functionality within my adorned accessories.
  • explore jewellery findings/ finishes/ attachments/ joinings/ ribbons/ ropes/ knotting/ clipping on & off/ moving etc. 
  • explore scale, proportion and composition 
  • explore footwear embellishments on elastics/ shoe tongues/ embellished socks etc. 
  • princess pleating! 
  • keep exploring gravity, falling tendrils, droplets, cascades etc. 
  • keep pushing more types of materials- to give rich layering.
  • Really start engaging with shapes and garments- react to the body shape. Perhaps buy a garment to start doing this for now.