Entry 031: New Drawings and Design Development

After a really good week of design development and sampling, I started to feel that my progress was slowing down slightly.  I felt that I needed to revisit my drawing to generate some more detailed components and shapes. I wanted to move away from the more abstract collage pieces I'd previously worked on, to create some beautiful line work that could be translated directly into really detailed, intricate embroidery designs. My abstract drawings will still help to inspire my choices for appliqués and beading techniques. Moving forward I'd like to create a new series of drawings combining all the different styles I've worked on so far; including detailed line drawings, abstract painting and illustrations, and collage work.  

I've also been working more with garment shapes, beginning to pin my designs directly onto shapes and planning how to move forward. Its been a bit of a learning curve for me using garments and having to consider fabric weights and drape for the first time but its really exciting to see my embroideries come to life. 

My planned garment embroideries are:

  • A black feather/ tropical leaf embroidery design with dark grey trapped fringing, hand painted and hand cut purple petals, Petrol blue bugle bead and couched electric blue thread trails. This design will be repeated sparsely onto an oversized black coat with drape details and oversized lapels. The coat will be finished with raw edges. A dark and refined colour palette. 
  • A white denim jacket will be covered all over the back, over the shoulders partly onto the front and partly over the top of the sleeves with detailed embellishment, 3d digital embroidered components and cut fabric elements. Super bright colour palette. 
  • Im planning a structured style jacket with hyper 3d embellished epaulettes with necklace chains connecting between the two, moveable embellished charms and embellished elbow patches. 
  • Planning a pink jumper with the pink floral embroidery I've been working on all down one side and all down one hight detailed sleeve. 
  • Im also planning 2-3 garments including something like a black velvet jacket with huge fully digitally embroidery designs on the backs that will be left also solely as embroidery with minimal embellishment. 
  • I would also like to try t-shirts, embellished shoes and socks. 
  • I am also still hoping to have a small collection of embellished/embroidered  jewellery and accessory designs. 

Images below show some of my new line drawings and new garment trials.