Entry 030: Group Tutorial

Just wanted to add in some quick notes from today's group tutorial:

  • Really successful group tutorial today- although sometimes I can find it quite hard to talk when there are a lot of confident characters in the group, it was really nice to see everyones reaction to my work. As people don't really tend to see my work in the studio due to wear I sit, it was so lovely and a bit overwhelming to see that my work got such a positive response.
  • It was also really nice to see the development of other peoples projects, and all the different really interesting things other people are working on. 
  • I think my reflection from today is that I need to have more confidence in myself and my abilities. although I don't feel that I've done a massive quantity of work compared to some others which can often make me feel a bit inadequate, I think I need to believe that what I have done, is quality work and I think people can see and understand this and understand the time that is put into it. 
  • I know that I need to try and be more confident in tutorials and engage a bit more- talk/ communicate more. 
  • Although pretty much all my feedback was super positive from everyone in the group and most people were suggesting things that me and Sean or me and Debbie had already discussed (e.g embellished shoes, multifunctional accessories) I think everyone felt that I still need to go much bigger with SCALE! 
  • I also feel happy that everyone backed up the idea to source a garment - I think when people see my work they realise that the embroidery/ embellishment is the most important thing I need to concentrate on and the garment will really just be a simple vehicle in which to show it. 
  • I also had some good advice to try sourcing a bead sponsorship.

All around, a positive tutorial!