Entry 026: Sketchbook development 

Over the past few days, one of the main things I have been focusing on is my sketchbook. So far, I've mostly just been working on loose sheets, which although I enjoy for drawing, on reflection after the last presentation, I felt concerned that the visual journey and development of my project wasn't documented clearly enough. Creating this sketchbook has really helped, I think, to show the progression of the project, and my plan will be to input my loose drawings as I continue. I've created clear mood boards, showing all my initial inspiration; much of which was imagery that I had in my workspace at the start of the year; photography pages from my research at kew gardens, colour pages, new drawings, new visual research and an ideas page, which has collated all of my quick little drawings on scraps of paper showing ideas for jewellery, embroidery and display.

Sketchbook inspiration ideas:

Sources 1-9:

  1. 1. Yvonne Kwok, designer- graduate sketchbook
  2. Illustration by Urmila Raini, FAD student
  3. Soyin Yun, 2014, Central Saint Martins
  4. Inspiration board, by Roseline at This Is Glamorous
  5. Source Unknown, found via Pinterest
  6. M.i.H Jeans 
  7. Harry Harvey, beading drawing, London College of Fashion
  8. Nicole Paskauskas, London college of fashion 
  9. Julie Hamilton, colour board