Entry 023: Colour Boards 

To continue working on my feedback from my recent tutorial, and to continue with the activity me and Debbie had starting, beginning to build the material colour stories, I have created a series of mini material palettes working with tonal, nuanced colour and presented as a colour board- shown below.

This has been a really useful process for me to go through, and has firstly made me realise how many great base materials I have to work with already, even before any editing/ distressing/ dying/ painting takes place. I also feel now, that I have this board available as a constant tool/resource to keep referring back too for when I begin sampling/ creating my jewellery pieces. I can already see how these palettes could inform and inspire tonal colour choices for some of my creations and how much this would benefit my project, to bring in the level of sophistication and elegance that I want it to have. I feel having these areas of either darker/ softer or simply more tonal colour stories along side the super bright, saturated colours that i'm used to working with, will create the balance in the collection that I'm striving for. As someone who finds working with softer or darker tonal colour quite challenging, and as someone who is very comfortable working with multiple super brights- this has been a really invaluable design exercise for me to go through.


I've also been starting to gather some fresh inspiration/market research from the catwalks for the past few days as the new season starts to flood Vogue Collections. I've selected some of my favourite pieces below. 

Viktor & Rolf: