Entry 019: Mannequin Visualisation Trial 3


This idea was another suggestion of a shoulder piece, A-symmetric necklace or embroidery placement on a garment. The idea was created with lots of hand cut leather elements and a few paper elements pinned directly onto the mannequin. In this idea I was trying to address the 'cascading' concept which I feel works well with these fan like shapes that appear to be falling. I think the overlapping and the feel of movement is helping this. I also wanted to try a piece addressing tonal colour. I am still hoping to have some more minimal pieces within my final collection that aren't so garish and have a more sophisticated palette and I think a good way to try an achieve this would be reducing my colour palette for some pieces to just one, but using lots of different materials so that the design feels nuanced/ tonal and sophisticated but not flat. 

I think  still need to grow my materials and get out of my comfort zone with leather! Overall though I am really happy with this idea and I think the tonal colour idea really works.

Documentation Below: