Entry 021: Tutorial

The Agenda for this tutorial was to discuss all the visualisations I'd be trialling on the mannequin, to discuss samples and also to talk about the direction for material and colour!

After having a comment that my palette was looking too garish and not sophisticated I was feeling quite concerned about this! I do feel that I have done a lot of work with the brights so far, generally as this is where I feel most comfortable and is how I would naturally work. However, as mentioned previously, I do want to have two strands to  my collection and really push myself to have some pieces that are much more minimal in colour, more nuanced and sophisticated, so this area really needs more work! I feel that if I can create a really beautiful colour palette with equal dark, moody, atmospheric colours to super bright, hyper-saturated hues, it will really help to relay the concepts of juxtaposition and light and dark. Debbie was really reassuring and wasn't worried about this. We discussed the fact that as a lot of my work so far has been drawings/collages with block colour matte paper, this was impacting on the mood of the palette and making it feel quite flat and garish. However we both agreed that once I start really moving forward with my samples and using a much wider range of fabrics and materiality, this will give the palette much more sophistication and depth. 

Debbie's feedback included:

  • That I look back at my original photography to inspire colour!- I think I need to get some of these printed off really high res and quite large to go on my wall as a constant reminder of this! This will help to bring a sophistication and pared down elegance to the project. 
  • Any new paper work/ drawings/ collages such incorporate a range of paper weights e.g tracing paper/ tissue paper. The different weights of paper will really impact on the intensity, quality and mood of the colours. 
  • Mostly though, most new work needs to be moving into fabrics - I already have lots of really beautiful fabrics that are incredibly usable for this project anyway so use these as a starting point. 
  • Again, look back at my original photographs to inspire texture as well! Debbie suggested that I start to build material palettes inspired by my photographs and drawings using tonal nuanced colours and a range of textures.
  • Edit the fabrics before using them! Again taking inspiration from my photography - nothing is flat! Consider the different techniques that could be done to the fabrics before cutting them up, e.g distressing them, dying them, painting onto them. I think to really achieve the look and feeling of depth that I want to achieve, I've got to go further with every process and consider everything to build up the rich layers of materiality. 
  • Debbie loved the 3d experiments on the mannequin! Continue this but consider more exploration of scale! 
  • Consider making some more detailed paintings that could inspire some detailed embroidery's. 

As an exercise during this tutorial, myself and Debbie started getting out all of my fabrics and began building these piles of tonal colour and materiality shown below. Already I can see how creating some of my designs/pieces using these collections of nuanced colour in a range of textures would really help to build a level of nuanced beauty and sophistication.