Entry 014: Revisiting Research

It's been a fairly slow start to the year and it's taken a bit of time to get back into a working rhythm.  I decided a great place to start would be to revisit my research and contextual file; just to touch base with my ideas and concepts, and evaluate if they were all still relevant and in keeping with my project proposal and the development of my creative work. I already knew that I really hadn't critically analysed my research enough so far, so firstly I went through and referenced everything properly, annotated and made notes/bullet points and highlighted key sentences/quotes to validate the research I already had. This was a useful exercise to see the areas that I felt were really lacking in research and background knowledge and needed much more. 

Areas I revisited/ added to:

  • Adornment; - the power of adornment and the emotional and human connection we have to adornment practices. 
  • Adornment in a wider variety of cultures including ancient Egypt, Rome, Korean Hanbok etc.
 Korean Hanbok, Vogue Korea.

Korean Hanbok, Vogue Korea.

  • Empowerment (female empowerment through adornment), identity &  expression.
  •  Minimalism/maximalism within fashion.
 Iris Apfel. Maximalist

Iris Apfel. Maximalist

  • I have also taken the advice from Kath and Sean, from my first project proposal presentation and got a lot of the books they suggested out from the library including The Fashioned Body by Joanna Entwhistle, Adorned in Dreams by Elizabeth Wilson and the Fabric of Cultures etc. I plan to gather lots more academic research from these books to add into my contextual file and inform my project. 

Areas still to research/add in:

  • More research into the link between fashion and Feminism.
  • Need to see more extreme examples of minimal/maximal and how is this influencing my work and the aesthetic progression of my project with the contrast/opposite theme. 
  • one area to really discuss more is the contrast between masculine and feminine and how I'm exploring this more particularly within my 3d explorations/drawings. 
  • need to add a lot more visuals in my contextual file too to illustrate all the above.