Entry 013: 3d explorations continued

I begin this week by taking a trip to the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford, to see an exhibition by textile artist Naseem Darbey. Although the concept of her work was obviously very different to my own, the aesthetic of her work (particularly with a focus on light and dark) and the techniques she had used to create these sculpted textile pieces was so inspiring! I loved the use of the textured machine embroidery edging along side pleated and sculpted shapes, and the use of the transitioning LED lights inside the pieces gave them a feeling of being alive. 


Quote from the NCCD website: "The eternal concepts of life, loss and hope are explored by artist Naseem Darbey in her exhibition 'We Are Saved By Loss'. Using medical morphology and pathology as the basis for her exploration, Darbey addresses her core concepts through art, science, and philosophy and expresses them through her signature hollow drawings. Through the impact of scale and concept, Darbey invites the audience to evaluate and empathise with these testing themes in her new body of work commissioned for The National Centre for Craft & Design and funded by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts."

As well as a medical theme, the artist discusses the link to a cosmic/ nebula kind of theme which is very clear when you see the images and is particularly apparent with the parallels of the moving lighting. I found it really interesting that the organic nature of these pieces could lend itself to so many possibilities; I personally felt that these pieces reminded me of the deep sea and of coral reef environments. For me, it was definitely the processes that I found most inspiring, some of which i'd really like to explore within my own work such as the built up layers of machine embroidery and the use of hemming strips of fabric together, in order to create corrugated material shapes that can be easily moulded and sculpted. The importance of the light and dark was inspiring too- I haven't considered using physical lighting within my work, mostly because I am planning for my pieces to be wearable. However I really like the idea of somehow bringing light into my work, whether that be using glow in the dark component, or perhaps simply using lots of metallic elements to create light that moves and bounces off each other. 


This was a really brilliant start to the week and I feel even more inspired now to continue with my 3d drawing explorations in paper, and perhaps even begin moving over into fabric and materials. My plan for the week ahead is to continue experimenting with all the different techniques I can use to create different shapes and textures with the paper.

On reflection at this stage of the week, I think my next task should be to start to pay particular attention to the use of metallics to begin bringing in the light element more. I also want to produce some pieces working with solid colour e.g, i'd love to produce a piece all in black but with lots of different textural elements. I will continue to update my blog with my drawing/ 3d exploration progress throughout the week.