Entry 012: New Drawings and 3 Dimensional Explorations

Building on my quick sketches that I began at kew gardens, I started to add colour, paint, and stitch to bring them to life. I also began to cut some of the drawings out and collage them together into new compositions combining some of my older sketches. This has been a really important exercise to remember not to be too precious with drawings/sketchbook work. Ultimately, my drawings need to push my project forward and help me progress to the next stage, so if they are not helping me or informing me in anyway as a flat drawing, it's important to either move on or find a way to use them that is helpful, informative and inspiring, which this has been! I felt like up until this point I have been really struggling to break into my drawing phase so this has been a real turning point for my project. And I really do like the combination of the more 3 dimensional/ collaged elements alongside the more painterly, illustrative flat drawings.  Its a really nice combination that I wouldn't have achieved from collaging alone, so it was important for me to do those initial drawings to get to this stage. 


As you will see, it was equally important for me to progress onto the combination drawings (that you see above), to push me onto the next stage (you will see below)! This has been a really critical point in my project, and I feel like it is starting to look like what I have envisioned and been wanting to portray. This new, super 3D work has most importantly, been super fun! It's been really nice to just be very free, creative and playful. At this stage I have pretty much just been experimenting with lots of different ways that I can manipulate, sculpt, fold and cut paper to create 3 dimensional forms that have a real sense of shape and purpose, and feel quite 'alive'. I've used a combination of block colours along-side hand painted papers and textured papers. However I still feel like this could be pushed much further and this thought was reaffirmed after my tutorial today with Debbie. Moving forward, I want to have a colour mixing day to paint up lots of backgrounds trying multiple colours and finishes- it would be great to have some high shine, lacquered grounds as well as block matte colours. I also want to try more textured paper and even things like tissue paper, acetate and tracing paper. I think it will be interesting to see what can be created when these new papers are formed and sculpted and how they will react. I also want to try using plastics, polymer clay and bonding fabrics together to start bringing a tactility into my work; I feel this will help to bridge the gap when I move onto sampling. Continuing to experiment with the different folding and cutting techniques with a new range of papers will be my focus for the next week. I'd even like to begin incorporating some origami or pleating elements. 


I already feel that these new drawings are directly helping me to think about the next stage of my project and I can already imagine how I will begin to fold and sculpt embroidered shapes or leathers etc. Other things that me and Debbie discussed in my tutorial today were:

  • Still need to do LOTS more market research- not just at my market level but varied ranges. 
  • Contextual file is building up slowly but this still needs more theoretical and contextual research that will continue to underpin my concept- this was a comment that was mirrored in my feedback from the first project proposal. I also need to add annotations, notes and IMAGES to this to explain what I've found interesting in each article/print out etc and of course make sure that everything is reference properly!

I also attended the lecture today from Jo Cope; Although Jo's work is very different from my own, in the sense that it is highly conceptual and fine art/installation based, I felt that Jo was really a inspiring speaker and made me feel really motivated to progress within my own practice and stay really true to my own ideas and what I want to achieve.

Finally for todays entry, some new inspiring images and an article snippet from Fashion revolution's Loved Clothes Last issue discussing the emotional connection to clothing. 

"“They seemed to shimmer as I took the lid off the trunk, brightly colored, beautifully embroidered and just stunning kimono. My great-grandmother had selected them as options for Shichigosan, a traditional rite of passage ceremony in Japan for kids ages three, five and seven. I had graduated from the more childish outfit worn when I was three, and was giddy that I could finally wear a real kimono. This memory is held in an almost dreamlike state in my mind. I remember vividly the whole ritual of picking out ornamental hairpieces, getting my hair done and being dressed layer after layer. I barely recall the actual ceremony at the shrine. For me, the magic of the moment lay in the rituals of dress, being wrapped in the textiles, connected to my heritage, and sharing a bond with my great-grandmother. This fascination with the ceremony of clothing followed me, what I put on my body was personal and emotional."

 Post from @fash_rev (Fashion Revolution) on Instagram

Post from @fash_rev (Fashion Revolution) on Instagram