Entry 009: Embroidery/Embellishment Process Research and Designer Influences

A big driving force for pursing my MA study is to improve, refine but most importantly DEVELOP my existing work. I really want to push what I can do within digital embroidery and create pieces that incorporate an equal balance of embellishment, as I feel in the past these two factors have felt quite separate within my own work. In this entry I wanted to show some of the designers who influence me and images that I've found which are definitely going to inspire the kind of materials and processes that I might explore.

Digital Embroidery Inspiration:

  • Rahul Mishra
  • Nguyen Cong Tri

Embellishment/Beading Inspiration:

  • Neil Grotzinger
  • Delopozo
  • Manish Arora
  • Maison Schiaparelli