Entry 007: Drawing

Whilst continuing to develop my concept and project proposal, as well as continuing to research contextual and market influences alongside, I have now began some initial drawings. 

Attending the first of the drawing workshops, really helped to begin this phase for me, as It's been a while since I have drawn properly. I had some great advice from the workshop including:

  • To step out of my comfort zone
  • To try to loose a bit of control and try to be more free
  • Experiment with new media
  • Consider scale

I began to generate a new series of drawings using charcoal, inks, pens and collaged papers, and using a collection of plants, leaves and other botanical plant life as objects to draw from. I also tried using leaf stems and twigs dipped into ink as drawing instruments. 

Although I'm really pleased with this first series of drawings and I feel as though I have begun the journey into pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and experimenting with new media, I still feel I can push this further. My tutorials with Debbie (supervisor) also reflect this thinking. Debbie agreed and advised me to push much further with this and be much more experimental, work large scale and as well as miniature scale and be much more expressive. A great reflection from my tutorials with Debbie was also to experiment with backgrounds rather than just working on standard white card; this could really change the atmosphere of the drawings by changing the background colour or texture. My task moving forward within drawing is definitely to focus on this and really push the use of backgrounds. Debbie also suggested creating more styled still life set ups, in dark/ moody atmospheres and seeing how working in different light levels would affect my drawing. 

An oriental influence has started to come through slightly within my drawings reflected in the red leaves and cascading florals I've been drawing from. The importance of falling, cascading elements really became clear to me during this process and this is definitely another key theme and aspect to my concept I really need to push.