Entry 003: Botanical 

As part of my MA, one of the things that I have been really keen to do, is pick up where I left off in my BA study and push some elements of my final major project further forward. One of the things I have started to do in the last week is look back through some of my previous photography taken in the botanical gardens of Madeira. I created a range of hyper-edited visuals of surreal tropical flowers and botanical plant life in moody atmospheric inverted colours. I feel that as I progressed throughout my final major project, the intensity and drama of these images got lost under a super bright colour palette. 

I really want to reuse these images as a starting point for the visual aesthetic of my MA project, and challenge myself to work within a more refined and sophisticated colour palette. I want to be selective about the brights that I incorporate. 

Moving forward, I plan to continue looking back through all my previous unedited photographs to see if there are any interesting images that I've missed out previously. I also hope to plan a trip to Kew Gardens to gather some fresh photography. I'm keen to visit kew, as along with their palm and temperate houses, they have a Japanese garden which would be great to gather images of to begin bringing in an oriental influence. 

New Key Words:

  • Atmospheric 
  • Moody
  • Inverted 
  • Surreal
  • Refined
  • Drama
  • Intensity
 See the 'Inspiration' page of my Website to see more.    

See the 'Inspiration' page of my Website to see more.