Entry 002: Geisha 


This week has been about beginning the research phase of my project, by starting to develop my concept 'adornment within culture'. I felt that my initial idea to research into multiple cultures may have been too broad at this stage, so I decided it may be better to focus more specifically on one culture that has interested me the most so far and the one that I find most aesthetically beautiful. Further down the line, if I feel I need to,  I may decide to bring back in those different cultural influences, but for now I felt it was better to focus on one key avenue of enquiry.  

I decided to begin my research on the Japanese Geisha culture. I have always been fascinated by this tradition and its been really interesting discovering more about this ancient art. Visually, the colours, decorative elements and exquisite details that go into the Geisha dress are inspiring, and I love the fact that even though so much work goes into getting ready, the geisha look so considered, poised and effortless.

I've watched a couple a brilliant documentaries that have been really informative for contextual research (See Below: BBC Documentary from 2013, Geisha Girl) . My next task moving forward, is to research more into each of the different elements of the geisha dress, for instance the Kimono, the Obi belt and the Kanzashi ( head pieces). I want to look into the symbolism and importance behind each of these.

New key words for this week: 

  • Beauty
  • Decoration/ Decorative 
  • Considered 
  • Styled 
  • Effortless